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Royal Treatments

Thai Reflexology

Let yourself be treated like Royalty

Thai Reflexology is a treatment for your feet and lower legs (from the knee cap down). It is a marriage of massage arts from both India and Asia. Blending the elements of Japanese Shiatsu, Chinese Refloxology, Tuina & Ayurvedic yoga.

Thai Refloxology seeks to restore balance to the mind and body through the reflexes that are throughout the feet and legs.

  • - Benefits of Thai Reflexology
  • - Deeping relaxing
  • - Improves circulation
  • - Accelerates the disposal of toxins
  • - Reduce stiffness & improves flexibility
  • - Improves sleep
  • - Thai reflexology can help relieve many symptoms such as migraine, muscle pain, back pain, IBS and more


1 hour        $50.00

Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage is comprised of a massage of the upper back, neck, arms, shoulders, head and face.

You will be fully clothed for this treatment.

Indian Head Massage is a way for the body to re-balance itself. Indian Head Massage has many health benefits including release of toxins, easing depression, muscle tension, eyestrain, clenched jaw, and anxiety. Indian Head Massage is also recognized as a preventive treatment for migraines.

45 minutes $50.00


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